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Say "fuck yes!" to consent

Women-led, consent forward, and sex-positive

LGBTQ+, kink, ENM, and gender-inclusive

A safer and more inclusive place to meet new people

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Community values


We always practice affirmative consent, which means asking before escalating intimacy and actively listening to each response.

Act only on a clear and enthusiastic "yes!" (with an exclamation point). Anything short of that is not consent.


We clearly express our interests and boundaries, which creates a shared space to connect and play.


We treat people with respect. We honor each other's boundaries, diversity, and time.

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See what organizers have to say about us

Building community is very important to me and Bloom helped me do that in a way I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Plus, the Bloom Team is responsive and professional - they were able to get my concerts into the system quickly so attendees could meet each other and connect.

Rachel Lark,

As an event producer we couldn’t ask for more in a collaboration. It was a win/win/win all around. As a community based in creating connections Bloom was a perfect fit for our participants.

Misha Bonaventura,
Bonobo Network

Our recent partnership with Bloom has added a new dimension to our events. Not only does Bloom increase the peer-driven awareness of the events, it creates a sense of community and belonging. We love the new level of sharing and interactivity that Bloom provides.

Cal Callahan,
Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District

freeQ is thrilled to partner with Bloom to build sex-positive community connections! freeQ offers a safer tech online venue so we can host LGBTQ+ and sex-positive people all over the world in our virtual video space at freeQ's audiences love having more opportunities to connect via Bloom! Y'all rock!

Sarah Massey,

Did you meet someone who's important to you through Bloom Community?

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Poly, kinky, enby, queer? You are welcome here

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