Bloom: Group dates in parks

Socially-distanced 6-8 person meetups

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Meet 6-8 people in a park on your Bloom

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A dating community with values

Created by women for everyone. Our community shares these values:

Always act consensually

Consent here looks like β€œyes!” (with an exclamation mark). Anything short of that means no. Seek consent before removing your mask, sending an intimate photo, or escalating intimacy.

Communicate clearly

Openly communicate both what you are looking for and your boundaries.

Treat people as people

Respect the identities, time, and boundaries of people in our community. Show up for your Blooms.

Real-life meetups for a COVID world

No back-and-forth planning β€’ Meet outside β€’ Social distancing required β€’ Free for first month

Matching based on compatibility

Share what you're looking for and we'll match you with people you'll enjoy meeting

Relationship possibilities are infinite

Primary, friend, casual, lover, kink partner, non-hierarchical, vanilla, play, long-term, nesting partner...

Gender and sexuality are non-binary

We welcome all orientations and identities!

Meet first, text later

Learn if there's chemistry before exchanging phone numbers.

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