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Bloom is a community that helps you meet the people you should already know 💜

How it works

Choose where you want to meet people 💜

Pick from a list of IRL events & experiences

Choose who you want to meet 💜

Decide who you want a chance to get to know by 💜-ing people from your suggestions or events

Choose how you connect 💜

Chat with your mutual 💜s before or after your events + meet in a safe, low-pressure way by joining events together

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Alternative dating for alternative communities 💜

See what our members say about us:

It was a great experience! Very low pressure and relaxed. I had a great time and I met some awesome people!
- Ashton, Bloom member
That was fun!! Loved the positivity and the low-key intellectual conversation. 💜
- Andrew, Bloom member

A consent-forward social & dating community 💜


We always practice affirmative consent, which means asking before escalating intimacy and actively listening to each response. Act only on a clear and enthusiastic "yes!" (with an exclamation point). Anything short of that is not consent.


We clearly express our interests and boundaries, which creates a shared space to connect and play.


We treat people with respect. We honor each other's boundaries, diversity, and time.


Find your people

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