Beauty of Our Bodies

@TheSchoolGirl 'Beauty of Our Bodies' enrichment workshop, a community initiative here to enhance the reproductive health conversations for teens.

As young people in our communities are leaping into adulthood, we’d like to enhance their journey with valuable comprehensive information around reproductive health. Beauty of Our Bodies enrichment workshop will advance participants in their foundation to sex education, as a means to build long-term cultural shifts that will positively impact all areas of society. This gives them the power to constructively talk about consent, sexual health, autonomy, gender expression and more! All within a safe place guided by a professional in this field. 

There are only twenty slots available for those who want to participate. Each participant will have access to the 45 minute information session with Michelle Hope @Mhsexpertauthor of The Girls' Guide to Sex Education. Along with an art experience led by Co-Founder of The Culture Candy Zalika Sterling @ZalikaZeni and Henna hand art done by Jazmin Paulino @Gentle_Jaz.

-Special Thanks to The Heath Gallery of Harlem, NY for hosting this community service event-

Donation for this event and future community activations can be submitted at