Calling All Magical People! This 4th of July weekend, a gathering of East Coast tribes will unite to create an epic weekend of enchantment, celebration, and surprises.

This isn't just another music festival. It's an intimate, experience-driven event with community and connection at center stage. It's equal parts curation and spontaneity, created by all your friends for all your friends—with love and attention to detail. A bespoke journey more involved and curated than a standard regional Burn, but with all the wonders you're used to. Tickets are purposely very limited!


Join your friends at Lightning Society, JunXion, NotASexParty, Pew Pew, Sonic Jungle, Deep Playa, Butt Disco, Technesium, Rapture, and more, as you:

-Connect with your childhood self and new friends during silly camp games and outdoor adventures.

-Hop on a purple dragon or a giant pineapple in the floatie brigade at the best pool party you've ever been to.

-Party in an 1880s mansion with a unique experience in each room.

-Shake your booty until sunrise across multiple stages with a wide variety of musical genres.

-Rejuvenate at a round-the-clock wellness lounge and zen space.

-Watch performances from otherworldly creatures.

-Frolic in a Lost Boys fairy forest until you completely depart from reality.

-Get cultured with talks and workshops across a variety of subjects.

-Share a cabin with all your friends. Share a first kiss with the cutie from the other cabin.

-Dance around a blazing effigy.


Create the project of your dream. Seriously, we're providing a canvas for anyone who wants to create something: art installations, interactive experiences, themed rooms for the mansion party, or anything else your brain dreams up.

-Art grant form-

( Let us know how we can support you!


To help make CAMP the most magical co-created festival possible, we ask that everyone please volunteer for one 2-hour shift. Looking to save money? Volunteer for more time as a medic, consent guardian or many other things to get a ticket discount. But everyone needs to buy a ticket to start with! To volunteer fill in this form (

-Perform, Teach, or Build a Theme Camp-

Want to collaborate with group theme camp, music, a workshop, performance, talk, or some special skills? Fill out this brief collaborator submission form (


Fill out this DJ application (

Or just bring a gift! There is no gift too large or small. Set up a massage palace or just bring some massage oil; Build a naked human carwash or just a spray bottle to help cool people off; Set up a hugging booth or just offer everyone hugs. Let us know what you're thinking and how we can support! If it's something bigger, please let us know so we can keep things organized.

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