Chat topic: What features would you like to see in Bloom?

  • Are there product features you'd like to see Bloom build?
  • What feels missing?
  • What would make Bloom more fun?
  • What else would you like to be able to do with the community?
  • Please note - we're a small team so can't build all of your amazing ideas at once, but we are listening to all of them
  • The permanent place to submit feedback and ideas that will be seen by our team is

A note from the Bloom team

  • This is not an event
  • We're experimenting with using our events system to create topics for community discussions
  • If the community finds this forum fun, we'll keep adding new topics each week
  • We're thinking of building something better for this in the future and want to see if this type of space is valuable
  • Please remember our Community Values
  • You can learn about our Reporting and Removal Policy here