Cirque Du Squirt - Lola Jean Defends her World Record

The circus is only in town once more this year. You have to see to believe…or to tell people that you were there. This September Lola Jean is DEFENDING her world record in volume squirting. No, no one beat it, she just wants to see if she can break her own 1250 mL in 25 seconds! Last time she set this record it SOLD OUT so get your tickets early if you want to secure your place in the SPLASH ZONE.

But that’s not all to look forward to this Cirque du Squirt. Traditional carnival games take a sexy turn with Cock Ring Toss and the Wheel of Misfortune. Make a side bet on the Pony Races, or try your luck at the Slut Machine. See our human pin cushions and be amazed by other mind bending and gravity defying talent.

Dare to enter the splash zone when headliner, world record holder Lola Jean performs LIVE on stage. 

Feral freaks and quirky queers performing all night, including:

Eva She Demon (House of Yes)

Troy the Boy (Company XIV)

Albert Cadabra (The Box)

Laura Desiree (Hustler)

Fantasy Grandma (Homemade soup)

and more TBA…

Hosted by Madame Vivienne V (House of Yes)

Wet your appetite for amusement. Indulge in Deviant Diversions. Take a picture to prove to your friends that you were there.

:: FAQ ::

::Do I have to wear a costume?::

Nope! You’re welcome to wear anything that lets your freak flag fly, whether that’s a t-shirt and jeans or that bedazzled onesie that’s been eyeing you from the back of your closet. Come as you are, come extra, just come!

::How much $$ are games?::

They’re free! However, you might want to bring your digital and actual wallets for our vendors and merch tables! 

::Should I bring cash?::

Even though all of our games and performances are free to partake in, if you feel compelled our carnies and performers always appreciate a good tip!

::Can I come alone?::

Absolutely! Come one, come all, come with your buddy, your grandma (we're bringing ours) or just by yourself! There’s plenty to engage in, even if you’re riding solo.

::When do the games start?::

The games begin as soon as the doors open and will close 30 minutes before the party is over. 

::When do the performances start?::

Performances take place throughout the night, starting at 8pm!

::Are any of the performances going to be explicit in nature?::

Some of our acts are not for the faint at heart. At any time, you can exit the performance venue if you are feeling uncomfortable OR contact one of our Cirque du Squirt staff. We will give fair warning for any acts involving sharps and/or blood as this can be especially triggering for some!

::Do I have to participate in the games or can I just watch!::

Cirque du Squirt games are for partaking OR watching. Contribute however you wish, by watching or getting in on the fun yourself!

::Is this a play party?::

No, it’s not a play party.

::What is the difference between the Tiers?::

The sooner you buy your ticket, the cheaper it is!

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