CLOSER: A Full Day Relational & Intimacy Immersion

Imagine a life where…

...your heart is open. 

...your relationships are fulfilling. 

...your life is abundant with love. 


You know who you are, where you stand & how you show up in every relationship.

You’re clear on your values & what it takes to create the relationships that you desire. 


You love yourself & accept all your parts - and know how to hold that space for others. 

You feel in alignment with your body.


You feel confident in sharing your desires.

You communicate your boundaries with ease. 

You finally have the deep connection you’ve always longed for.


Self-love & intimacy are your new home. 


Welcome to CLOSER: A Full-Day Relational & Intimacy Immersion designed to help you create your ideal relationships.


Relationships that:

Reflect your authentic desires & values.

Give yourself & others the space to be 100% yourselves .

Feel amazing to your mind, body & soul.


In this transformational immersion with your facilitators (Embodiment Coach Trinity, Sex & Magick Coach Yossef Sagi, and Authentic Relating Coach Petra Hui), you will discover the 'Three Pillars' of CLOSER that help you access greater love, intimacy & safety in all your relationships.


Pillar #1 - Embodiment:

- Feeling safe & comfortable in your body to access self-intimacy.

- Calming your nervous system during triggers or times of stress.

- Processing strong/stuck emotions safely through movement, breath and voice.

- Expressing authentically through your presence.


Pillar #2 - Heart-Centered Communication:

- Fostering greater intimacy through how we speak & listen. 

- Transforming conflict into connection.

- Healing relational triggers (on your own and in relationship).

- Co-creating relationships based on authentic desires and values.


Pillar #3 - Sacred Sexuality:

- Owning and clearly communicating your desires and boundaries.

- Recognizing the Divine essence within yourself and others.

- Igniting the Inner Union of the masculine & feminine.

- Connecting soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart.


This immersion is intentionally curated to foster safety and deep connection. 


It’s for singles, couples (or throuples or more), who are ready to take the leap towards the juicier, deeper, more meaningful relationships they desire.  


Our first CLOSER event SOLD OUT with a wait list. 


If you’re feeling a call, APPLY HERE:

We’d love to get to know you. 


Early Birds (First 8 spots) $150

Regular Tickets (16 spots) $175  


LOCATION: Los Angeles, TBA


Here’s what past participants are saying: 


“Petra, Trinity, and Yossef were walking permission slips for self love, authentic expression, and stretching into my comfortable edges. And as an incest survivor who has dealt with sex-addictive and co-dependent patterns, the level of safety and depth I was able to feel in my body and with other participants was so nourishing and encouraging to me.

I had fun, I cried, I shed layers, I made new and deep connections. The comfort with touch, talk, and vulnerability that grew in our group was medicine I didn’t know I needed. I left a different woman than when I arrived. I left with more love, and a much greater belief in the intimacy and capacity of us as humans. “

- Sophia


“I had never had such an amazing experience for my first time being vulnerable in a space being me. For the first time, I experienced my divine feminine. CLOSER family, you are absolutely phenomenal.” 

- Roberto


“I was able to let my walls down, be vulnerable, and be free. The people I met felt like the community that I want to be more involved with. These are the people I want to get to know. I didn’t know I could feel so comfortable being myself with strangers so quickly. And IN BODY has enhanced my ability to feel more. It has helped me be more attuned with the energy around me. I want to take care and be more present to what my body needs. I understand myself and I understand my emotions more. “ 

- Jason


About Your Guides 


Vero Trinity: 

Intuitive Healer and Radical self love advocate. Eradicating mental slavery through unlocking the power of the body. Changing culture by unleashing YOUR superpower. 

Petra Hui:

The Priestess of Play; Life & Love coach. Authentic Relating Facilitator. Subconscious Mind Reprogramming Magician. Bringing souls together in authentic connection and play.

Yossef Sagi:

Teacher, lover, mystic. Spiritual sovereignty advocate. Awakening your unique Magick via mental liberation, emotional freedom & sexual expression.

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