Conversation Social #1

Conversation Social #1

Topic: Truth

Conversation Social is a space for people to gather and discuss interesting and important issues.

So I found myself thinking "I wish there were places where people could gather with friends and strangers and have simple good conversations." We get so bubbled off, it's hard to feel a sense of community and belonging if you are always either at work or at home. "Somebody should have an event like that."

Well, I'm somebody, so I decided to make an event.

Conversation Social #1 we are going to talk about Truth.

Truth is political, truth is personal, truth is metaphysical.

I, for one, never thought I'd live in a time where what is true would be so much up for debate. It's an interesting moment for the concept and I am excited to hear what other people are thinking about the subject.

“Rules” for conversation social

1. You aren’t right, they aren’t wrong. It’s a conversation not a debate. If you disagree with someone get more curious.

2. Be kind. Lift each other up. The point of this is to have a good experience so we try and give that to each other.

3. Try not to be the loudest voice in the room. Try not to be the one who talks the most.

4. No cruising. This isn't a nightclub.

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