Ironbark Pride Ball

Ironbark's Fabulous PRIDE BALL is imminent! Get your tickets now!

We'll be doing our annual Pride Gala on the 24th of June this year benefitting the POMONA PRIDE CENTER, and it's going to be more FABULOUS than ever before, baby!

DRAMA...FASHION...FACE...SHADE... Get ready to SLAY, bitches because our theme this year pays tribute to BALL CULTURE and we'll be turning it up!

For more info on Ball Culture see below (scroll down to the bottom).

There are two ticket types to choose from:

The All Night Escapade ticket includes all the deliciousness:

A sumptuous plated DINNER + DRINKS (4 fabulous COCKTAILS) + ALL the ENTERTAINMENT (see the amazing lineup below) + RAFFLE & AUCTION + LATE LIGHTS + DISCO. You can get an individual ticket for $100. Or you can buy a whole table (4 or MORE seats) for a $50 OFF!

Each table will be a named HOUSE and you will choose your mother/father for the games, challenges and fun.

When you purchase your ticket you are supporting the POMONA PRIDE CENTER.

👑🍾💃🔥Your All Night Escapade ticket will include:

A sumtuous plated Dinner with Drinks (4 delightful specialty cocktails).


  • Our fabulously fun MC is Mistress K. She's a comedian/dominatrix who will be doing audience participation games with prizes. SO, watch out houses Mistress K is coming for you!
  • A delicious plated sit down dinner & desert by Captain Red Beard, the groovy gourmet gastronome.
  • A DRAG SHOW with these stunning queens:
  • @shearlovemontaye
  • @diamond_evvon.official
  • @Azaleamontaye.official
  • @mattiestmontaye
  • @ladysyrin1
  • Then, get ready, honey, because The House of Lyght are going to light up your lives! Serving grace, face and a whole lot of shade. House Lyte are Shinning Bright in ☀️ Season 3 of "Legendary" which premiered May 19 on HBO Max.
  • There'll be a 50/50 Raffle drawn some time in the night and a Silent Auction.
  • Then after a late night nibble, we're going to dance til we drop!

It's time to turn it up and serve it up and celebrate for PRIDE!

💃🔥The LIVE IT LATE ticket includes ENTRY AT 9:30 + 1 fabulous cocktail + HOUSE OF LYGHT performance + Late night nibble + DISCO til you Drop!



Why Ball Culture matters:


A mini history with glossary of terms you need to know:

About Voguing:

Glossary of Ball terms:

Etiquette for the ball: Some tips for audience members

Keep the same energy all night

The performers and MC’s are the heart of the performance, but the audience needs to give the runway life too! Let the performers know you are present throughout the night. Applaud, snap, cheer. Give the children all your energy and they’ll return it tenfold.

Respect the performers

As audience members, it’s important to watch and engage without being disruptive. Give the performers space to move and vibe. Be a spectator, never a back-up dancer. It may feel like a party, but it’s still a performance.

Do your research

For anyone attending the ball, knowing the history, the categories and the music isn’t super urgent, but it’ll make for a better experience if you have some idea about what you’ll be seeing. If you’re feeling really adventurous, it never hurts to scroll through YouTube and get familiar with how the legends have stormed these categories at different balls over the years. It’ll only inspire you, spark your creative juices and maybe help you get into walking balls in the future.

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