Social Gathering | Topic: Intimacy & Relationships

Want to spark connection with others and have deep conversations proven to help you experience more fulfilling human connections? Join us!

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👋🏽 Join us for an in-person social experience all around the topic of intimacy, and discuss how it impacts your life, and how it can help you create deeper connections and closer relationships (of all types)!

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🤗 The best part of being human is being able to connect with other humans. We are hardwired for it, and the drive to connect is in you whether you acknowledge it or not.

And although the world has been getting impressively "better" at connecting people digitally, people are feeling more disconnected and isolated from each other than ever. Why is this happening?

😳 Modern day loneliness isn't because you need to necessarily just interact more or more often with friends (although that helps), it's because you need more intimacy within your friendships and relationships (of all types).

With intimacy you can get closer with people because you allow yourself to show the awkward truths of who you are and what you're experiencing in life (and want to experience). But that can be hard to do! Especially because you most likely grew up seeing intimacy and vulnerability portrayed as a weakness, when in reality, it's actually extremely courageous.

🤔 So, what does intimacy within platonic and romantic relationships really mean for you, and how do you cultivate more intimacy so you can create, strengthen, or maintain all different kinds of relationships in your life? Let's discuss!

⬇️ If you're interested in connecting deeper with both yourself and with other people in Seattle, and have an open mind to look at yourself and how your mindset around intimacy has impacted your life…Then this in-person Seattle City Feast is for you!