Soma Kambo - A Lunar Eclipse immersion into Grief//Desire//Primal//Truth with Kambo

Join us for a Special Full Moon MORNING Ceremony with the medicine of KAMBO: to SHED and CLAIM (in honour of the Lunar Eclipse!)

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Full Moon Kambo Ceremony + Grief Ritual + Desire Exploration + Primal Activation & Boundaries

When: Saturday May 15th 2022 (the total lunar eclipse is the next day!)

Time: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm


In this full moon morning ceremony (the full lunar eclipse is the next day!), we come to SHED. To CLAIM why we are here on this earth. What matters MOST. What CANNOT remain, what must GO. What are you resisting? What are you claiming? Why are you ALIVE in this moment?

Kambo is Truth-Telling Medicine. I like to call it, "sweet, ruthless warrior-of-Truth medicine".

In Kambo ceremony, with such ruthless sweetness, we are confronted and invited to face our fears, masks, what we're fighting, where we're hiding - and arrive home to ourselves - with greater courage, vulnerability, heart-filled power, and so much space.

In honour of the lunar eclipse, this special ceremony will include:

- Primal Activation & Boundaries

- Exploration with Desire (sensual, not sexual)

- Grief Ritual

- Hapé

- Kambo

- Sound Healing + Tea & Snack & Harvest Circle to complete and conclude


This is an immersion into Truth by way of Kambo, with the support of movement, vulnerable relating, somatic exploration, and ritual.

Pragma & Logistics:

- $199 investment.

- Limited to 18 people.

- Please be on time! Doors will open at 9:00am, and they will lock promptly at 9:30am!

- Please bring a water bottle, and a snack to share.

About Olivia & Atilla (& Undress Love):

Olivia and Atilla created Undress Love to support everybody in shedding their masks and uncovering their bare-naked Truth.

...& Kambo is Truth-telling medicine.

A & O trained in the jungles of Peru, met the sweet frog, and harvested her medicine using sustainable practices.

Olivia is trained in somatic experiencing, which she weaves into the ceremony. Atilla has a PhD in Psychology and specializes in vulnerable connections as a facilitator.

Olivia & Atilla are partners who are passionate about creating containers that initiate us into the soul. By serving together, they invite a deep integration of masculine and feminine energies.

They also coach partners in building transformative relationships.

We would be delighted to journey with you and this sweet-warrior-of-truth medicine. 

Information about Kambo, the medicine can be found here:

What should you bring?

A journal & pen. A snack to share. Light snacks and tea will be provided. Please feel free to bring something to add to the ceremony space.

Things you should know:

The space is lined with plushy things such as soft pillows, and blankets for your comfort.


$199 per person and may be purchased at the following link.


Email Olivia at for any questions. I'd be so happy to clarify and soothe anything you may want to know, if you're feeling the call but also a little nervous!


The Kundalini Kastle, Old Town San Diego, CA. 92110 - Exact address provided with ticket purchase. No tickets will be sold at the door.


~ Olivia Ecstasis

Olivia self-actualizes you through the body. She facilitates the unfolding of your power, pleasure and feeling safe to feel your body. Olivia walks amongst many worlds and passions - but all of them orbit around the mission of Embodied Sovereignty.

Through tantra, somatic experiencing, ritual theatre, pleasure-work, authentic relating, pattern rewiring, ceremony, dance and voice activation she weaves journeys into the realization of Safety, Power and Pleasure. She is a coach, facilitator and content creator. Most recently a regular facilitator inside of the monthly container, "Dance Meets Tantra", a transformative day-long immersion into eros, shadow work, pleasure, and movement. Also recently leading a 5 day immersion entitled, “F*cking with Power,” an adventure through intimacy, release of identity, dance, pleasure and shadow work into the rediscovering of one’s Power. Currently, she offers a 1-1 coaching and single "Somatic Rebirth " sessions, as well as couple’s coaching (with her partner). She is driven by liberating love, divinizing pleasure, and operating from vulnerable play.

~ Atilla Cidam

Atilla is an erotic coach here to support all beings in unleashing their soul purpose onto the world through depth, vulnerability, and mischief. With his training in tantra, conscious kink, Erotic Blueprints, sacred medicine, dance, and shadow-work, Atilla helps reprogram nervous systems to allow and embody the full range of the ecstatic expression of their life force. He has a PhD in social psychology, and has spent prior lifetimes designing large scale social programs that empower millions to lead fully aligned lives. Sweetness of truth, ruthlessness of love.


~ JJ Brawley is an Intuitive Bodyworker, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Master NLP Practitioner who has been in the world of transformational work since 2003. Also an ISTA Graduate and Tantra Practitioner he has been hosting and organizing events in the sex positive, lifestyle, and kink communities for 20+ years.

Creating and holding space for these fun conscious juicy experiences is what lights him up! His gifts to you this evening will be planning a delicious opening & closing circle, and co-creating a tantric taster space where you will dive deep into an orgasmic experience of sensual delights and leading you on a journey through the depths of your heart space!

JJ Brawley is available for private sessions, workshops and group programs and can be reached at 619-800-3480,

Join JJ's Private Group! Kundalini Productions…

Or like his page!

We are so excited to journey with you!~