Sub Rosa Bound with Natasha Strange

Curious about how to use the bondage equipment in Sub Rosa? Join Natasha Strange for an evening of demo's and inspiration!

About this event

This is a small group coaching event and will be limited to 10 attendees to allow for more one on one demonstration and conversation.

Bondage is like the butter of the dungeon. It makes every scene better. But with so much fancy high end bondage equipment in Sub Rosa, how do you know you are using it to its maximum potential? And how do you know you are using it safely? This is a class about leather bondage. While we will be using rope at times, this is not a rope bondage class.

Join Natasha Strange for an evening of demos on some of the most popular pieces while walking through basic bondage safety and psychology - and a few ideas as to what to do with people once you have them restrained.

Meet the demo bottom: you! Attendees will have the chance to be a demo bottom and experience each piece of equipment. Top or bottom, the best way to learn is by experiencing! If you are interested in volunteering as a demo bottom, please arrive dressed in something comfortable that allows movement and access to your limbs.

Meet the instructor: Princessa Natasha Strange has been a professional dominatrix since 1995, and a BDSM coach since 2009. She brings wit as well as years of kinky wisdom to her classroom to create an fun approachable way to learn kink.

This class will be hands on and tickets are limited to 10 people to keep it intimate. Each attendee will receive a $20 credit towards renting Sub Rosa.