VAMP: Ride or Die

Here’s to the friends who show up when called no matter how much time has passed. The lovers who don’t ask where you buried the bodies but can tell you where to dig. The battles buddies and family of choice that make us bigger for having them by our side. Get in, nerds, we’re doing storytelling!


- Kate McGovern

- Brendan Dentino

- Francisco Martinezcuello

- Savannah Cannon

- Marjorie Pezzoli

- Christie Naill

- Audrey Jacobs

- Brent Hannify

June VAMP: Ride or Die

Thursday, June 23rd @ 8pm

Whistle Stop: 2236 Fern St, San Diego, CA 92104


$10 suggested donation

A highly-produced multimedia reading series, The VAMP Storytelling Showcase presents an evening of several writers performing works with audio /visual accompaniment revolving around a changing theme. All participants are chosen by blind online submission, given writing and performance workshops to further improve the material and its delivery, and the final product is curated in a featured capacity,  monthly since 2009.

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