Virtual Class - Demystifying Asexuality with Nyx Lunaea

  • Event by Boundless

Demystifying Asexuality with Nyx Lunaea

Virtual Class: Wed, August 17, 2022 7-9 PM (PDT)

Class Description

What the heck even IS asexuality? Or aromanticism, for that matter? I’m so glad you asked! In this presentation, we are absolutely going to cover those grey spectrums! That being said, we will also cover some important means of understanding the lived experiences of those on the Ace Spectrum- the history behind it, what attraction is, and how that can inform someone's identity.

How does negotiation, play, and aftercare differ? So glad you asked! We'll be covering all of that, too! So, come attend, and learn how to be a better ally to the folks you meet!

Presenter Bio

Nyx Lunaea (they/them) is a non-binary, queer, disabled human who has been in the BDSM lifestyle since 2009, and has been in their current dynamic since 2012. They are a top, an extrovert, a lover of pointy things, gardener, and a part-time dog. Nyx cares about inclusivity, accessibility, and making the world a better place! They believe that it is important to always be learning, and always growing!

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