We Are FluffyStuff

We are FluffyStuff w/ Bruno Furlan

About this event

It's about to get Fluffy up in here y'all!! ☁️🌈

We are back to the roots of it with all the Fluffy things. Let your inner child rejoice and come get lost with us on this playful immersive adventure filled with funky silly sounds in a fully interactive warehouse experience. #FluffyStuff

Get ready to boogie, get silly, bust out your Fluffy puppets and favorite festival garments. Come get Fluff'd Up with us!

We are FluffyStuff 🌈🎈🧸

A night for the weird and silly.

//// Music Stuff 🔊 \\\\

Void Acoustics Sound

We are Fluff'n stoked to bring to Portland the unique sound of this Brazilian wizard!🧙‍♂️Bruno Furlan - Brazil

Bruno has released on labels such as Hot Creations, Dirytbird, Ultra, Relief, SOLA, South of Saturn and more. Some highlights in his career include the collaboration with Claude VonStroke, "The Book Is On The Table" and "Another Planet" with DJ Glen, which was considered by VonStroke himself, the "track of the year" in 2019. Bruno has also made notable appearances in Rock In Rio, Dirtybird Campout, AMF Festival, Só Track Boa, Friendship Cruise and many other festivals around the globe.

Chick Iverson - SEA


FluffyStuff - PDX

- Sound Escape -jesse sugar moore - PDX

laylow - PDX

//// Fun Stuff 🥳 \\\\

• Silly fluffy sounds delivered by your Fluffiest music Stuffers

• Sound escape & chill zone

• Playful dance floor filled with weird stuff, bouncy things, bubbles, lots of Fluff, and a bunch of silliness

• Puppet shows throughout the night by our puppet masters

• Interactive playground filled with art installations, interactive toys, and playful craft area.

//// Artists, Curators & their Stuff 💫\\\\>>Playground Stuff (Interactive Art/ Art installation)<<

• Bouncy house

• The Silly Maze by by Magic Feather Crew

Twitter & IG : @_MagicFeather

• Fluffy Clouds installations - by @Danile Russell

• The Sound Escape by FluffyStuff

• Puppet Performance Stuff by Puppet Masters - TBA

• Playful tea lounge by Chelsea Riley (Starsee) IG : @chelstarc

• Spaghetti Warehouse - IG @spencerrussell

• Fluffy Cloud Grid by Philip & Nirvana Comsaodd

>>Visual Fluff (mind melting visuals)<<

• The light wave by @Colten Nye

• KatzMagic IG: @katzattack24

• Photography magic by Dylan Evanston Photography IG @devanstonphoto

//// Feeling Great'n Fluff \\\\

Welcoming stage • Nook Safe Space By Mckenzie Chase IG: @nooksafespace

//// Buy my Stuff (Vendors) \\\\

• (Keep it cute) IG: @nooksafespace

• 47finds - IG @47finds

• Sierra Rockett designs IG @sierrarocketthoods

• FluffyStuff (Merch)

//// Donation Booth \\\\

♡ Clothing donations ♡

by Nirvana Comsaodd

//// Our Vision 💞 (The Stuff) \\\\

The goal is to curate an experience that is playful and ludic, creating a space for grownups to bring out their silly inner selves to come out and play!!



Ticket tiers:

Fluffy Birds -------- $26 Sold out!

Fluffy Friend -------- $31

FluffyStuffer -------- $36

Door--------- $42

Party responsibly and take care of yourself and others: if you see something, say something. Consent is mandatory. Always ask before touching, hugging or dancing with others. Here in this fluffy zone, we have zero tolerance for Sexism, Racism, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia. If you make someone uncomfortable, you may be asked to leave. We reserve the right to exclude participation from this event for any reason.

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