What is Bloom?

Bloom is a dating community that gathers in 6-8 person "Blooms" (park hangouts). Our app allows you to create a profile, see suggested profiles, and 💜 people you want to meet. You tell us when you're free and we'll match you with people you want to meet for your Bloom. We encourage everyone to wear something purple or bring a purple object so it's easy to find your group. Please wear a mask and remain at a respectful social distance.

How does scheduling work?

When you sign up for Bloom, we ask you where you are interested in meeting people for Blooms. You can edit these preferences in your profile. Each week, we offer several time slots for Blooms and you can tell us which ones work for you. The deadline to share your availability each Tuesday is 10 PM. We'll match you on a Bloom and notify you of your match.

How does matching work?

Every day, we offer you five suggestions of people in the community that we think you might like to meet. You can tell us who you'd like to meet by tapping 💜 . Your suggestions are based off the preferences you share with us. When possible, we suggest people whose availability lines up with yours that week. When we are choosing the groups we take into account who you 💜 and who 💜 you, and we aim to get as many people who want to meet each other together in each Bloom.

When are you coming to my city?

Soon! We are determining which cities to launch next based on sign-ups. If you want to see us live in your city, share us with your friends and have them sign-up. Once we see a lot of interest, we'll go live!