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Pride Month in Bloom

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SF Pride Partnership

We're super excited to announce to you all: Bloom Community has partnered with San Francisco Pride to produce the SF Pride Month Calendar!! We are aggregating LGBTQA+ community events happening in June 2022 to help you all discover new happenings and connect around them. Get a head start by viewing this today!

Other Pride Month Calendars in Bloom

We are also aggregating LGBTQA+ community events happening in June 2022 in Los Angeles, San Diego, and NYC to help you all discover new happenings and connect around them.

New York City Pride Month Calendar
Los Angeles Pride Month Calendar
San Diego Pride Month Calendar

We invite our community members to add your Pride events to the calendar and share among your friends and followers.

Bloom Featured in The Skimm: Making Friends in a New City

"Bloom: An app by and for the LGBTQ+ community. Build connections at queer events, online and in person."

- The Skimm

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Trans Day of Visibility: a message from our founder

March 31st is Trans Day of Visibility. In the Bloom community, over 16% of our members identify as trans and/or non-binary*.

Trans inclusion is important to us at Bloom. Below are a few of the intentional decisions we have made to try to make our community more welcoming and inclusive to trans people, and by extension, all people. There is always more we can do - this is just our start. We welcome any feedback for how we could be doing more.

1 - When we designed the Bloom app, we wanted to make sure that our trans and non-binary members would be shown to the people they wanted to be shown to. Our trans and non-binary members have the option to select if they'd like to show up to people looking for men and/or women in addition to people looking for trans and non-binary folks. As an example, a trans man might want to be seen by people looking for non-binary people and men. As a result of this feature, over 30% of our non-binary members have gotten more “Buds.” Additionally, 15% of men and women became “Buds” with non-binary people they would not have otherwise seen. Our goal was to ensure that trans and non-binary people never missed connections because people did not know what to look for.

2 - When we created the list of options for gender identity, we combined the lists from four apps in order to have the most inclusive list possible, which includes 100 gender identities.

3 - We chose to make a write-in pronoun field part of our onboarding process and feature them prominently on people's profiles.

4 - Our Community Values specifically call out respecting the identities of people in our community. Repeatedly misgendering people, making transphobic comments, etc. will result in removal from Bloom.

I want to say a special thank you to our trans and non-binary members for trusting us and for sharing your honest feedback. Please keep the feedback coming!

- Luna Ray

*A note on the term non-binary: these terms are ever-evolving and there is no universal consensus on exact definitions. Upon consulting members of the community, we are using non-binary as both a gender identity and an umbrella term for many different gender identities that are non-cis. We want to acknowledge that the trans and non-binary community is not a monolith and some people's preferences may conflict. We welcome and encourage your feedback and will do the best we can to help everyone feel included and welcome.

Updates to followers & notifications

Organization followers and notification controls

A message from our founder

When we started Bloom Community, we wanted to create a safe space to build sex-positive and edge-of-culture communities. That vision has always been clear, and the tactics have evolved over time. When we transitioned from hosting only group dates in parks to partnering with community event organizers, we realized how many more people we could help connect.

Today, I'm excited to announce the next evolution of this partnership. You can now reliably learn about the events from organizers you love by following them in Bloom, and when they add a new event you’ll receive a push notification.

In a world of social media that is increasingly conservative when it comes to sex-positive and edge-of-culture events, it is extremely important that we continue to have robust tools to help our communities connect. We’ve heard from many event attendees that they are disappointed when they miss events they would have attended because they didn’t see the invite on Facebook or missed the email. We've heard from hundreds of organizers that Facebook and other social media companies downrank their content and their events, ban them from advertising, and make it challenging to get the world out. Unfortunately, the tools that these companies provide for most event organizers are not available to organizers who create edge-of-culture events.

And yet, these community organizers create some of the most valuable spaces for some of the most vulnerable people with marginalized identities. And they push culture forward. We think that the place we need to be innovating is at the boundary of culture. These community events create the world we want to live in - they invent culture and pioneer identity acceptance - from LGBTQ+ rights to normalizing ethical non-monogamy, kink, and psychedelic healing.

We're excited to support these boundary expanding events and communities with Bloom. We love partnering with them and making it easier for them to do their important work building community. The next evolution of our software is giving Bloom members a way to follow the organizations they most want to hear from and receiving notifications when those organizations add new events. We also want to give Bloom members control over that experience - you can turn off notifications from organizations you follow and still learn about their events in the “Events you follow” section. With this, we are also launching specific notification controls over all of the notifications you receive through Bloom. To modify your settings, go to the settings page on your profile (the gear icon in the top right), and click “notification settings”.

We've heard your feedback requests for following organizations, hearing about their events, and having control over notifications. Thank you all for the amazing feedback. We're building this with you and for you. Please keep it coming.

- Luna Ray spotlights Bloom Community's Inclusive, Consent-Oriented Approach to Dating

“We put a lot of thought into how we designed the system to give non-cis, non-binary, trans, and gender nonconforming people as much power as possible in defining their gender identity and showing up to the people they want to be seen by.”

"We have a robust reporting policy, and any time we get reports from members, we review that pretty much immediately and remove profiles that are fake or unable to uphold our community values."

"We are a dating app, a social app, and an events app today. My hope is that over time, we can be a community resource and a place that you can come to for education."

- Luna Ray on

Bloom Featured in Cosmopolitan as One of the Best Apps for Making Friends

"Making friends who share your interests is tricky for everyone, but oftentimes it's even harder for people in the kink, queer, sex-positive, and BDSM communities. Enter: Bloom. The community-based lifestyle app was created to help people meet and connect with others in a safe and monitored space. Not only can you chat and connect like with other apps, but Bloom actually hosts tons of events, festivals, and meetups so you can connect IRL at an activity that feels more on brand than just coffee and small talk."
- Cosmopolitan

Luna Ray shares vision for Bloom Community on the Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast

"Bloom's core distinction is that we lead with sex positive values and we aim to build a community around those values."
- Luna Ray, Founder of Bloom Community

"There's a lot of people who want to live in a world in which consent is a priority in any interaction and especially in an interaction that's facilitated by technology that may or may not be sexual. The vision for Bloom is to continue to invest in people who believe in our [sex positive] values and in bringing them together in one place."
- Luna Ray, Founder of Bloom Community interviewed Bloom founder Luna Ray:
Your Swiping Days Are Over, There’s a New Sex-Positive App

"I created Bloom during the pandemic because I missed meeting people at sex-positive community gatherings... A community attracts people who share its values, educates new members, and removes people who aren't able to uphold those values. Dating and social apps don't do any of that. And I wanted to build one that did."
- Luna Ray on

Rachel Lark Concert Announcement

The Future is Female and Queer: Women and LGBTQ+ in Tech Launch Sex-Positive Businesses

freeQ and Bloom Community partner to create safer online spaces for LGBTQ+ and sex-positive connections

September 28, 2021 - Ask any woman what her biggest complaint about dating apps is and she will likely answer: unsolicited dick pics. Ask people outside of cis and whiteness about their experiences on social media, and they will talk about harassment, bullying, and all the -isms. In short, many apps and platforms fail to raise community standards and many are considered unsafe for LGBTQ+ people. CEOs Sarah Massey and Luna Ray want to change that and they are leading a new field of sex-positive tech at freeQ and Bloom Community.

Massey and Ray are both women leaders is sex-positive, kinky, and queer communities developing new technologies to address safety in online connections. Ray ran User Acquisition for Instagram from 700M to past a billion people and believes that the next frontier of software development will be values-led and community-driven. Massey is an East Coast social justice strategist known for making headlines for LGBQT+ rights and leading the Capital Pride Parade on motorcycles. It’s a story of Silicon Valley meeting Washington, DC for a partnership based on bridging the safety gaps left by current social media.

Massey’s platform at offers a virtual video events space with more security and privacy for LGBTQ+ and sex-positive events. Ray’s Bloom Community is sex-positive community and app based around events. The two business leaders were brought together by their sex-positive, kinky clients who saw their potential to team up to be powerhouses. With the Bloom Community app and a freeQ virtual events space, LGBTQ+ and sex-positive event organizers can offer access to audiences outside of IRL events. Businesses are able to nurture audience relationships over space and time.

“Community connections are not only powerful, they are necessary to thriving,” says Massey. “freeQ sets a safer tech stage for people who want to see and be seen in community. You can buy tickets to attend live, interactive queer events at”

“Bloom is the first sex-positive app that is run as a community with affirmative consent as our leading value, and our meetups reinforce the sense of community and accountability,” says Ray. “You can think of Bloom as a dating app where you can also meet friends, and they are all going to share the values of consent, communication, and respect. People looking to meet sex-positive people and attend events can find it in the app stores as Bloom Community or download it from our website at”

Bloom and freeQ are built by and for the queer communities. Both companies celebrate and center sex-positive and consent culture. Through community standards and reporting processes, users enjoy tech spaces on both platforms curated for their needs as LGBTQ+ and sex-positive people. Bloom works directly with event organizers to offer their audiences access to the app. freeQ offers an online virtual events space for workshops, parties, cons, and so forth.

Bloom Community launched in May of 2021 as a way for people who share sex positive values to meet around community events. Bloom is built for people looking for connection who share Bloom's values (consent, communication, respect). Bloom takes a values-based approach to building social software, directly influenced by sex-positive and queer communities.

freeQ’s live events partnerships range from weekly interview series to monthly workshops, to hosting massive festivals, and everything in between. freeQ is sex-positive, kink-positive, queer, inclusive, and accessible. freeQ launched with its signature event, the Queer Dance Naked Party, in May of 2020. Operating like an online theater, freeQ sells event tickets, markets, stage manages, and can help to produce shows. Partners and freeQ generate earnings through ticket sales.

freeQ and Bloom are teaming up to connect queers all over the globe.

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