Comfort & Joy

A welcoming community that advances queer values by building community and creating spaces celebrating art and creative expression.


A community of visionaries, artists, dancers and lovers who want to live in a world where we can embody our truest self, without fear of judgement or shame.

Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District

The world’s first LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District dedicated to local advocacy and community support in San Francisco.

Folsom Street

Host of the world's largest leather event, Folsom Street is dedicated to sexual liberation and the right to pleasure as a crucial part of the whole liberation movement, and committed to cultivating a safe, open, and inclusive environment for the kink, leather, and alternative sexuality communities.

Wicked Grounds

A café for kink education, community-building & toys. A safe space to explore kink, queer and sex-positive communities, where kinksters and other cultural revolutionaries can gather, cross-pollinate, and build community.

Public Works

A community-minded nightclub and event space dedicated to "giving the people what they want." Public Works welcomes international DJs, underground artists, rising talent, and the myriad of arts and music communities who call San Francisco home.

Mantis SF

A Femme and BIPOC-led group offering a Fetish Community Social Event at Cat Club SF. Mantis SF is creating a more ethical and welcoming social space for BIPOC and folks of underrepresented genders within the Fetish Community, while also welcoming all types of people to the party.

Bonobo Network

An online community rooted in real-world and virtual events where people can learn together – and from one another – about sexuality, pleasure, and relationships.

Society of Janus

A San Francisco-based support and education organization for people interested in the kink, fetish, and BDSM lifestyles. Society of Janus provides opportunities to meet others with similar interests in a safe, relaxed atmosphere.

Black Thorn

A clean, beautiful, well-equipped dungeon located in the lovely Lake Merritt area of Oakland, welcomes people from all ages, backgrounds, gender orientations, and sexual identities.


freeQ means freedom for queers. You can buy tickets to LGBTQ+ and sex-positive curated events on their own queer-developed tech. freeQ partners with event producers to host festivals, parties, workshops, and all kinds of events for our communities.

Forbidden Tickets

A newly-founded, community-based ticketing platform that believes in bringing people together through informed, creative, and consensual play.

Twisted Windows

Exquisitely erotic, sensually subversive, and particularly perilous performance art. Twisted Windows surrounds you with vibrant virtuosity, celebrating LGBTQIA+ performance and visual art, combining scintillatingly sensual shows with interactive activities.


An inclusive community event for all members of the adult LGBTQ+ community which promotes body positivity for all and builds a more supportive, welcoming, and inclusive bear scene by representing a diverse arena of cultures.

After Dark Events

AfterDark Events organizes carefully curated parties for the kink community. We create safer spaces for people to come together to explore, learn, and play.

Upcoming After Dark Events