Create Event

How to add your event to Bloom Community

Create account

Download the Bloom Community App (IOS/Android) and create an account.

Log into the Event Management System (EMS)

Log in here with the phone number associated with your Bloom account.

Enter event details

Click “Create Event” and enter your event details.

  • event photo must be 2:1 (same as Eventbrite and Facebook)
  • for examples of good event detail copy, check out some featured upcoming events.

(Optional) Indicate event cluster

Your event may be part of a larger cluster of events such as SF Pride. You can indicate this in the section “Add event to”.

Share the Bloom link with your attendees

Use the copy under “Share copy” to share the Bloom link with your attendees.

  • Examples of places to put the copy include the ticket link, ticket confirmation email, newsletter/email, and social media
  • Joining the event in Bloom will allow people to become Buds and message 1:1, as well as join the event group chat

Find your people on Bloom

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