About Us

Bloom exists to help people build meaningful relationships

Everything we do serves this mission

Team culture

Culture is how we make decisions, how we treat each other, and what it feels like to walk into work every day

We focus on our members and event partners

We're chill and understanding while dedicated to getting the job done

We're collaborative and inclusive

We're driven and we take ownership; we never say “that’s not my job”

We do what matters

Anyone can be anyone’s mentor

Our Team

Lauren (Luna) Ray Vegter

Founder, CEO

Lauren is on a journey to answer the question: How can software help people build meaningful relationships?

Lauren led User Acquisition for Instagram from 700M to past a billion users. She also led the social products team at Oculus and launched consumer VR to the world. Prior to Bloom, Lauren led the Marketplace team at Faire. Lauren has two MIT degrees and studied computer science at Stanford.

Daniel Rhodes


Dan joined Bloom to help people meet in-person through serendipitous interactions.

Dan is a serial entrepreneur, including Y Combinator backed Fliggo, which created the first way to share videos on Twitter and helped usher in photo-sharing apps on mobile with Treehouse. Prior to Bloom, he was the founding engineer at the technology-driven law firm Atrium, and an early engineer at Heyzap, a popular gaming social network.

Jeremy Gillick


Jeremy is passionate about helping people meet more organically.

Before joining Bloom, Jeremy was the Director of Engineering at StyleSeat where he helped double the engineering team in a year. He has lead engineering teams at companies across the industry, such as LinkedIn, Google, Nest and PayPal. Outside of software engineering, Jeremy can usually be found building communities, tinkering with electronics, or preparing for the next Burning Man event.

Victoria Dobbs


Victoria joined Bloom because her role aligned perfectly with her personal passion for community building.

Victoria is an experienced community organizer, web designer, social media marketer, and brand manager. She has managed event venues internationally, including a repertory cinema, a makerspace, and three co-living and event communities.

Erika Siao


Erika is a passionate community builder who believes in creating intentional spaces for human connection.

Erika studied Political Economy at UC Berkeley. She is a community organizer for a variety of causes in the Bay Area, and enjoys hosting elaborate events for her community.

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